Hegeroth: In Torment (Part 3)

Hegeroth is a melodic black metal band from Poland who have been around since 2012, and have already released four albums. Sacra Doctrina, their latest full length, is a demonstration of the band's dark proclivity and the melodious black metal in which they indulge in a very intrinsic manner. 

Sacra Doctrina finds Hegeroth in their comfort zone, yet more inventive than safe. It is a technically accurate, instrumentally strong, and overall very consistent and dynamic record, and also the band's most fully fledged offering up to this point. 

In Torment (Part 3) is one of the album's standout tracks, arriving with a surging and creeping intensity which evokes a familiarly eerie sentimentality, all mingled with the coldness of traditional black metal.

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