Saidan: Kissed by Lunar’s Silvery Gleam

There's a new force in contemporary USBM, coming from Nashville, Tennessee. Since 2020, Saidan have released a small run of rather intriguing offerings, the latest of which is Onryō II: Her Spirit Eternal.

The new album makes a very powerful impact, alluding to the black metal benchmarks in a very comfortable manner, while presenting a creative take on the genre by way of combining absorbing and gloomy atmospheres, distinctive guitar riffs, and soaring melodies.

Kissed by Lunar's Silvery Gleam, the album's opening track, was composed as part of an alternative Bell Witch narrative, and it really sets the album off in an incredible way. "This song is based around the ending of the main character's life, and musically it follows him on his journey to death," the band describe.

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