Day Wave: Loner

The surf pop/dreampop project of Bay Area musician, Jackson Phillips, known as Day Wave, returned with the release of the new full length, Pastlife, an honest and straightforward record which stands far from the extravagance of overproduction and hyperbole in today's music. It's the project's first album in five years.

With this record, it just feels like I’m stepping into this thing from my past,” says Phillips. “I started Day Wave when I was 25, and now I’m 32. I guess I didn’t really realize how much was going to change in that time. I kinda thought that being 25 was just gonna stay like that forever, and then it didn’t.

Day Wave provides another work in which he emphasizes the quality of his lo-fi production, while sounding utterly easygoing and intuitive on the songwriting front, as the project's distinctive and refreshing jangle pop is in full play.

On the album's concept, Phillips comments: “I think back to the times where you didn’t realize you were living in this exciting time. At this point, there’s enough of those different chapters that I think back on them, like ‘Oh, when I lived in that apartment, when I was hanging out with those people,’ whatever it is. That became the whole vibe of the album: everyone around me is growing up, and I’m trying to figure out my own way of doing that I guess.

On the light surf pop of main single Loner, Jackson says: "This song deals with times where I was struggling with anxiety, and always anticipating the end of a good experience. Sometimes those anxious times can feel very lonely, but the feeling of letting it fade away can be almost euphoric."

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