Archierophant: Alkonost

London extreme metal act, Archierophant, have remastered and re-released on physical and digital media their debut and sophomore EPs from 2020 and 2021, Kingdom and Birds Of Joy And Sorrow.

The first track, Alkonost, from Archierophant's second EP, Birds of Joy and Sorrow, is a powerful piece that elevates the group's brand of black metal to epic proportions, with their melancholic and dark qualities fully present.

The new release compiles a fine eight-song totality of Archierophant's early material, establishing the band's musical direction, which may be leaning toward the more visceral parts of black metal, but feels utterly fresh and vibrant for the genre. From the beginnings of instrumentalist Lewis Borthwick's one man material, Archierophant rapidly and naturally developed into a fully rounded four piece, with their cinematic and atmospheric qualities in prominent role.

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