Kill Your Boyfriend: The King

A very twisted version of traditional rock 'n' roll comes in the form of the new single by Treviso, Italy-based two piece Kill Your Boyfriend. The King is part of the duo's fourth album, Voodoo, which will be out on October 14th, 2022 via Sister 9 Recordings (Europe), Little Cloud Records (North America) and Shyrec (Italy). 

The King is a genuinely relentless piece of dark energy which sees the band utilizing to the most their influences from rock history and culture, the experimental deviations of acts like Suicide and Pere Ubu, and their own drive to create something truly hard hitting and unorthodox.

The band comment on the new single and video: "The video for The King takes cue from the words of Michael Ventura that inspired Voodoo's A site: '...let themselves be possessed not by any god they could name but by the spirit they felt in the music...'. We decided to stage some kind of final act of a show, where the actors are left alone at the centre of a crumbling stage and are possessed by a spirit guiding them frantically towards an inescapable ending. The frantic dance is a clear reference to The King or Rock & Roll and the Voodoo symbols represent the connection between the earthly and the spiritual world."

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