Silver Liz: Missing The Party

Brooklyn-based husband/wife duo, Silver Liz, have been releasing an eclectic set of singles recently, spanning an array of genres including shoegaze, dreampop and electronica. Missing The Party is their fourth single of this year, and it shows another unconventional approach for the band’s style in both songwriting and production. It's a piece of surrealistic and psychedelic qualities which verges on krautrock and electronica, portraying how dreams highlight the mismatch between reality and the delight one usually loses while working in a discouraging workplace.

The duo's Carrie Wagner comments on the song: “The first third of the track draws from the commute-home drudgery so many people experience while working an unfulfilling 9-5 job. Then, the middle spoken word section is me describing an actual very surreal dream I had, which was a combination of idyllic childhood imagery and mundane, yet anxiety-inducing work situations I encounter on a day-to-day basis. When you sleep, your brain is trying to make sense of things, and can help reveal what you really want or don’t want. With that being said, I think the contrasting imagery in that dream speaks for itself.

Missing The Party is a thrilling track with an eloquent development, a dreamlike narrative, and an exciting structure, matched with a beautiful video for which Silver Liz enlisted Paz Mallea and Til Will of Pil Mawilla Productions and creators of the Brooklyn label y3s Recordings, after becoming fascinated with the clips they did for their own band Immortal Wound and others.

Pil Mawilla comments on the clip: “For the video we started with handycam footage shot in areas where there is continual movement—places that always have happenings, micro and macro—they continually reside in a space separate of one's own witnessing. We then picked a handful of these shots and made them into moving skins for 3D objects inside of a model. We felt that, by deliberately distorting these spaces using reflections and altered material, we could make a metaphor for the way we desire – a visual way to represent our FOMO. The idea was based on how images warp when reflected in glass, which is something that imbeds a layer of psychedelia into the architectural landscape of the city. Clouds and buildings become one; cars, buses, and trains swim by like fishes.

The sophomore album by Silver Liz, It Is Lighter Than You Think, will be released in Fall 2022.

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