D//E Premiere: Prudence: Waste Some Time

Prudence, formerly known as COLOURS and one half of Au.Ra (felte), began naturally as a songwriting project with a focus on self expression and research. Tom Crandles used to work on this project in bedsits and hotel rooms around the UK and Europe, and now records from his Sydney studio.

The artist presents his own personal depiction of the world in Prudence, an image which seems energetic and seamless, resulting in a dizzying array of emotions. Waste Some Time is part of the project's impending album, Negatives, out August 26th, 2022.

Negatives is a cohesive group of 12 songs created from 2019 to 2022 which focuses on this unsure era, deals with familiar subject topics, and provides complex musical textures before returning to the customary warmth that pervades the repertoire of Prudence.

Tom Crandles comments on the song: “Waste Some Time was one of the last compositions for Negatives. Its substance sits in its linear structure. The concept was to create what feels like a pop song with no verse or chorus and a progressive structure having no section repeat.

Prudence's musical influences range from Haruomi Hosono to Michael Gira, Warren Zevon to Anita Lane, and Mark Hollis to Bjork, hence the project's sound can be challenging to pin down. Then again, the eclectic mix of genres including indie rock, ambient, post punk, and pop ensures a rich and engaging end result.

Artist photo by McLean Stephenson


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