Indian Handcrafts: Criminal

Heavy noise rock band, Indian Handcrafts, return with a new offering, the dynamic and infectious single, Criminal, showcasing the dense rock sound of their upcoming fourth album, Empress in Decline

The new track finds the band utilizing their influences from the sludgy noise rock of Melvins, and the forefront of heavy and stoner rock. Riff-centered, sharp and high powered, Criminal feels like a gritty mixture of the peak of Queens of the Stones Age, and the unreservedness of Big Business.

Criminal pairs to a very creative thriller clip, directed by Brandyn Aikins and Daniel Allen.

Empress in Decline will be out on July 22nd, 2022, recorded in 2019 at the band's home studio, The Bethlab, produced by Toshi Kasai, and matered by JJ Golden (OFF!, The Warlocks, Ty Segall, Calexico).

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