Epoch of Unlight: An Amaranthine Line

Underground death metal greats, Epoch of Unlight, return after a long while, delivering a song off their forthcoming album,  At War With the Multiverse, which is also their first full length since leaving The End Records in 2005.

Coming from from Memphis, Tennessee, Epoch of Unlight, have been producing quite melodic blackened death metal since 1994. The band has put out three albums on The End Records, and their return finds them appearing rather brutal and energized, with a strong sound which comes across really crisp and immersive.

An Amaranthine Line is a technical death metal number which exhibits the band's melodicism, their powerful sound, and their creative compositional patterns. The song hits forcefully all the way through, with the breakdown near the conclusion adding to the overall musical complexity.

The band aim to release At War With the Multiverse in its entirety in August 2022.

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