Deus Ex Lumina: Dark Days

Deus Ex Lumina is the creative venture of producer Gonzalo Schwindt, rounded out with vocalist Melyn McKay. The project was created in 2018 as part of the Berlin darkwave/electroclash scene, and it combines a synth-driven sound with a dark-inclined, gothic lyrical tendency.

Deus Ex Lumina's fresh single, Dark Days, is the essence of that dark and vivid creative endeavor, and it comes with a video starring Elli from Nyctophilia shop, filmed in the store in Hamburg. Dark Days is brimming with darkwave energy, and makes a strong impression.

Deus Ex Lumina describe: "Dark Days is about those days when we feel completely lost, with no clear goal or direction. Those days where our feelings are upside down and that would be impossible to tolerate without our loyal companion and best therapist, music."

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