Syzygy: Justice or Mercy

Synthpop/darkwave project, Syzygy, started in Melbourne in 2019 by Rebecca Maher (Spotting, Vampire) and Gus Kenny (Spotting, Polish), as means for the two artists to move away from the synthpunk of Spotting and embrace a more purely electronic and pop-based creative direction.

The band deliver Justice or Mercy, the first single from their impending debut album, Anchor & Adjust, alongside a fine video which they made by re-programming an X-Box. Leaning heavily towards darkwave, the song also makes evident the Syzygy's pop sensibilities and songwriting, all tangled up in outstanding production and musical cleverness.

Rebecca Maher describes: “Over our 15 year friendship we have often felt like we are two sides of the same coin. In many ways we are so different, Bec can be loud, forthcoming, extraverted and emotional. While Gus can be introverted, reflective, and analytical. However we are also very similar, we feel equally connected in our sameness as we do in our opposition.” 

Anchor & Adjust will be out late 2022 on It Records.

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