Of Ancient Names: Idylls Of A King

Of Ancient Names was founded in 2007 as a solo dungeon synth project by Archierophant creator L.Borthwick, and released a self-titled demo later that year. Of Ancient Names have returned after a long absence with their latest EP, The Greatest Keep, which includes Borthwick on all instruments and guest vocalist Duumvir.

The entire release is dominated by a sense of endless gloom, while the rawness of the music comes across as pure and spiteful, resulting in a picturesque outcome with timeless attributes. It's majestic, yet visceral black metal with storytelling characteristics and a heavy dose of grimness.

Of Ancient Names remained in the shadows for a long time, but their self recorded and produced new content, which was heaving and maturing to come out and adorn the world with more unadulterated darkness.

Of Ancient Names Bandcamp | Spotify

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