Folian: Beau Ideal

Folian is the project of Portland, OR based musician Devan Stefani who puts together a sound drawing from drone, shoegaze, metal, and experimental noise, among other styles, to create a pretty unconventional amalgamation, often paired to visual transmissions.

Following on from the 2020 album, Blue Mirror, and the 2019 EP, Ache Pillars, the artist releases Beau Ideal, a new single which demonstrates their electronic direction, and leans heavily toward industrial-bent darkwave, diversifying itself from the guitar-driven style of Folian's previous offerings.

Folian describes the new track: "This work is rooted in detaching from the destructive conventional concepts of assumed roles in a society regarding gender, relationships, and physical appearance. It is about shaking off the dead skin that shields one from exposing their true form, and staking the claim for unbounded expression and reinvention."

Devan Stefani has lately broadened the scope of Folian to include collaborators, while they have also been associated with a number of projects, including Canadensis, Flood Peak, Ramprasad, and most lately A Stick and A Stone, The Stargazer Lilies, and Drowse.

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