Sisyphean: Conqueror

Lithuanian band, Sisyphean, release their second album, Colours of Faith, through Transcending Obscurity. After introducing it with a handful of excellent pieces of extreme metal heaviness and dark atmospherics, the album has shown to be a forceful full length of enormous energy and distinctiveness upon its release.

Conqueror is one of the band's longer compositions and the album's concluding atmospheric epic. The track, which clocks in at just under ten minutes, weaves together progressive metal, black metal, and death metal to create an atmosphere that is both immersive and captivating.

Colours of Faith is a striking and emotive album which moves through a variety of moods, and comes off as absolutely compelling and poignant as a whole. Conqueror is an important part of this exceptionally well-crafted and produced record, providing profound impressions of extreme metal gravity.

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