Strange Unit: Scared A Year To Death

With a take no prisoners attitude and a relentless rock 'n' roll/punk spirit, Strange Unit release Scared A Year To Death, a menacing, twisted, and raucous piece which captures the trio's uncertainties in the Covid era.

The band describe Scared a Year to Death as a "absurdist anthem (...), part automatic-writing meets pop culture musings spewed over aggressive, hardcore pop." Strange Unit, no strangers to loud rock fury and immense distortion, reappear with a warped garage rocker which transmits massive quantities of force and intensity.

Frontman Scott Lee Andrews unfolds: "We heard a saying along the lines of 'Work harder, not smarter' and thought what a great way to conduct yourself. We decided the best way to mix our EP in this current climate of instant gratification would be to do it via post, sending CDs back and forth via a 10,000-mile trip between Australia and the UK. Dave (Draper - Producer THE WILDHEARTS / NICKELBACK / RYAN HAMILTON / THEY FELL FROM THE SKY / GLITCHERS) was dead keen on this idea as he constantly has to mute me on messenger as I do not shut up. Having tracked the EP in two days in November 2021 - It's only took a few months but we got there in the end. You know how bands are keen to embrace old school/analog methods over using plug-ins and fake amps, well we took the next logical backward step."

Scared a Year to Death is the first single off the upcoming EP ONE, the first of three four-track EPs due out in the coming months, and was the band's first song composed as a (strange) unit.

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