Chat Pile: Slaughterhouse

The defeatism of everyday life in the American Midwest haunts the music and artistry of Oklahoma-based sludge metal/heavy noise rock band, Chat Pile, particularly their debut full length. Having lived next to the mounds of toxic waste from which the band takes its name, Chat Pile convert this entire gloominess into something forceful and fervent.

God's Country, Chat Pile's impending album, is described by the band as “Oklahoma’s specific brand of misery,” and it comes out on July 29th, 2022 through The Flenser.

Slaughterhouse, the album's first single and opening track, is a sludge/noise rocking earthmover with deep, pessimistic lyrics and a load of intrinsic aggressiveness. It shows the band taking on board the concept of their new record, emerging with a punchy and cutting edge sound.

Slaughterhouse is paired to an unsettling, hair-raising video directed by Laine B.

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