HIGH.: Dead

Fresh Boonton, New Jersey-based band HIGH. emerge with their first track, Dead, a song brimming with existential angst and innate sorrow. HIGH. cite Slowdive and Nothing as main influences for their debut offering.

Through the sentimentality of its lyrics, the fragility of the vocal execution and its all around massive sound grounded in noisy shoegaze, grunge and slowcore, the song is a truly impressive first endeavor which makes the band's affinity for nineties alternative pretty evident.

Themed on the impermanence of happiness and endurance, Dead puts HIGH. on the shoegaze map, and makes for a rather enticing repeated listen.

HIGH. are Christian, Bridget, Jack, and Danny.

Photo courtesy of HIGH.


6/19 Meatlocker- Montclair, NJ
6/24 Our Wicked Lady, Brooklyn, NY
7/8 Flemington DIY, Flemington, NJ
7/22 Redhouse, Boonton, NJ
7/27 Little Amps, Harrisburg, PA
7/28 tba
7/29 Baltimore, MD7/30 Rare-Form Brewing, Troy, NY

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