Gunman and The Holy Ghost: Girl Called K

With a desert rock ballad of traditional songwriting properties and a dark-hued psychedelic Americana sound, Hákon Aðalsteinsson's Gunman and The Holy Ghost project reveals another part of the upcoming full length The Death of Gunman and The Holy Ghost.

Girl Called K, the album's second single, in themed on fresh starts, much like the entirety of The Death of Gunman and The Holy Ghost, which is about the conclusion of one chapter and the opening of another.

With his background in legendary acts such as Singapore Sling, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and more recently, The Third Sound, Aðalsteinsson continues to write compelling songs with personality, and perform with devotion to his art.

Aðalsteinsson comments on Girl Called K: "The song is about escaping your current situation, not matter the consequences or where you will end up."

Girl Called K is accompanied by a great looking video shot in Joshua Tree, directed and edited by Lilly Creightmore.

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