Urban Heat: Have You Ever?

Urban Heat, an Austin, Texas-based post punk three-piece, rises with a really impressive, driving sound centered on dark, eighties-infused synthpop with industrial elements, culminating in a current darkwave stylization which leaves a strong impact.

Have You Ever?, the band's newest single, is a piece of approachable new wave-bent post punk, analogous to the familiarity that Urban Heat's music conveys as a whole. The band's gothic inspirations are always evident and prevalent in their work, and their current offering is no exception.

Urban Heat comment on the new track: "We’re all raised with a certain belief set and at some point begin to question it. Some of us return to the fold, others form their own code of morality, but everyone at some point has to decide for themselves what they hold as truth. If you haven’t ever questioned the very nature of your existence, are you even alive?"

Urban Heat are Jonathan Horstmann, Kevin Naquin and Paxel Foley.

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