R. Missing: Verónica Pass (Sally Shapiro Mix)

R. Missing have published multiple singles and EPs since their 2017 debut, Unsummering, which was issued on niche French label Talitres (The National, Motorama, Flotation Toy Warning), and their releases have featured remixes by various notable acts such as GusGus, The Field, and The KVB.

Verónica Pass is R. Missing's new single, featuring a version mixed by Swedish Italo disco duo, Sally Shapiro, who have been on and off the last few years after their initial retirement announcement in 2016, and have recently returned with a new album.

Verónica Pass opens with a brief and airy a cappella vocal, succeeded by reverb-drenched guitars, subsequently combined with atmospheric synthesizers and rhythms which persist until the track's conclusion, creating the impression of something sorrowful and wistful, both musically and lyrically.

Despite the fact that the two versions of the song sound fairly different, both tracks provide a glance at a more vivid side of R. Missing's sound while embracing their consistently somber and melancholic aspects.

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