Outrun the Sunlight: Psychic Cycles 2.0

Chicago-based heavy post rockers, Outrun the Sunlight, were between drummers and put a new record on pause throughout the 2020 lockdown. The band were striving for means to keep their energy and passion moving at that particular moment.

Austin Peters, the band's guitarist, began methodically re-recording guitars for their older song, Psychic Cycles, solely for fun, without any specific ideas as to where that would lead. Next, Outrun the Sunlight invited long-time friend James Knoerl (Aviations, Gargoyl), who was based in New York at the time, to put his touch on the drum sections, and from then on it became evident that the project was going to take on a far larger scope than what the band had initially planned.

Psychic Cycles was originally released in 2011 as the band's third ever song, and its newest rendition, Psychic Cycles 2.0, shows a group completely revitalized, taking their progressive and post metal nature to greater levels, boosting their instrumental heaviness even more, and strengthening an already intriguing composition.

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