Stream And Destroy 05.06.22 // Weekly Roundup

Stream And Destroy is a weekly feature on D//E in which we round up tracks and releases we didn't cover canonically during the current week. It's complementary to our regular posts and publishes on Friday release day. Oddments from previous weeks may appear. The feature now comes with an accompanying playlist on Spotify.

2022 marks Sacred Bones Records’ 15th anniversary, and to commemorate the occasion, they release a compilation including musicians from their roster covering songs by other artists also from the label. Marissa Nadler performs a fantastic rendition of David Lynch's Cold Wind Blowing in Todo Muere SBXV.

Black Rider On The Storm is a collaborative single by King Dude and Der Blutharsch that depicts the narrative of a civil war veteran who pursues the men who slaughtered his family and burned his home. A full length with the same title has also been released.

The latest single from Sincere, the new album from Sweden's Hater, is Far From a Mind, which is accompanied by a disquieting performance video directed by Jacob Nilsson. Sincere is out on May 6th, 2022 on Fire Records.

Priest's Katie Alice Greer prepares for the release of her solo debut, Barbarism, out June 24th, 2022. First single, FITS/My Love Can’t Be, is a clear example of the artist's eccentricity.

Tombs return with the new digital EP, Ex Oblivion, out on July 13th via Season of Mist. It includes Motorhead and GG Allin covers, as well as original compositions, such as the dynamic title song.

RLYR, the Chicago-based post-metal trio consisting of members of Pelican, Cleared, Locrian, Bloodiest, and others, have introduced a new self-titled album with the first single, Wrack. The full length will be released on May 13th, 2022 via Gilead Media.

Cave In's upcoming album, Heavy Pendulum, is shaping up as a very engaging release. It's their first full length with bassist Nate Newton (Converge, Doomriders, Old Man Gloom), and their first without the late Caleb Scofield. The eight-minute single, Blinded By A Blaze, sees the band comfortably reaching the boundaries of post metal.

Spice have released another single off their upcoming album Viv, coming out in its entirety on May 20th, 2022 via Dais Records.

Emma Ruth Rundle will release new album, Electric Guitar Two: Dowsing Voice, on May 13th, 2022 via Sargent House. She describes it as an “album of improvised music - with an emphasis on rediscovering the vocal - by way of intuiting unseen beings and goddess forms underground, and in the water, and in the waves and the wind, and rain, and welling up from the wells…

Tripping Up The Stairs is a new track from the upcoming album by Helms Alee, Keep This Be The Way. The accompanying video’s director Ron Harrell says: "The idea that I wanted to convey when we set out filming the video was an uncomplicated yet visually compelling version of finding said control. To me it became as simple as floating at sea and finding sure footing on land. Helms Alee has a pretty hydrous identity as it is, so incorporating that part came naturally. I had an initial cut of the video that was a little cleaner and realistic, visually speaking. The band saw it and, what I heard them say was “that’s great, now fuck it up”. So I fucked it up and this is the result."

"To choose a single track from Fenice isn’t easy," says Ufomammut guitarist Poia about Pyramind, the band's latest single off their new album, on Neurot Recordings, "because the songs are long and linked together, and the flow results are incomplete. But we think that Pyramind represents in a very clear way Ufomammut’s two-souls attitude: the heaviness melted down with psychedelia.

Executioner's Mask return with new album, Winterlong, which will be out on Profound Lore on June 17th, 2022. Things Fall Apart is the album's eerie first single featuring Kennedy Ashlyn of SRSQ.

Greg Anderson is gearing up for the release of his first album as The Lord. For Forest Nocturne the artist draws inspiration from film composers such as John Carpenter and Bernard Hermann combined with elements from Scandinavian Death Metal from the nineties, with the contribution of Attila Csihar (Mayhem, SUNN O)))) being as imposing as always.

All The Junk On The Outskirts, the new single by Iceage was recorded during the Beyondless sessions in 2018. Frontman Elias Bender R√łnnenfelt comments: "I consider this one of the better cuts off the Beyondless sessions, but it ended up being a misfit that wouldn't quite fit in with the other songs as we put together the tracklisting. Like a piece belonging to a different puzzle. Much like it wasn’t welcome with the others on Beyondless, it's an anthem for those on the outside looking in."

Post rock vets Mogwai have released the standalone single Boltfor, which does not deviate much from the band's recent output. The accompanying music video's director Sam Wiehl says: “The video is a visual metaphor for the constant movement in life and the unceasing urge to move forward as individuals…in the form of a metaphysical road movie.

The KVB have unveiled a remix EP comprising remixes of tracks from last year's Unity, including versions by trentemller, Moa Moa, and others. Drag Majesty remix of Blind is the first piece unveiled from this project.

New release, Death Is a Dream, collects ten demos, vignettes, and sketches from the 2021 album by HTRK, Rhinestones, providing a interesting look at the album's creation and overall character,

Julia Holter, Animal Collective's Geologist, and singer-songwriter and producer Harper Simon have released their first cooperative track, Heloise, as the very intriguing and offbeat project, Meditations on Crime.

Devil Master have released their album, Ecstasies of Never Ending Night, through Relapse Records, which hits like a picturesque and enjoyable blending of black metal and punk.

Japanese post-rock vets MONO have revealed that they will compose the music for the upcoming documentary My Story, The Buraku Story. Bringing their sound back to more earthy means, the tracks of My Story, The Buraku Story are mostly composed of piano, strings, synthesizers, and choral vocal loops.

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