From the roster of It Records, Melbourne/Brisbane darkwave/synthpop trio 100% emerge with the darkly vibrant lead single ABANDON, off their upcoming debut album, Clear Visions, expected out later in 2022.

ABANDON is a surreal nocturnal journey with comforting and soothing characteristics, coming by way of superb usage of a new wave-washed style of monotony and strong production.

Employing their musical expertise to create a sound that is affectionate, familiar and invigorating, 100% blend icy cold synths and beats with alienated and introverted vocals. The band was formed in 2014 "as means of necessity," and through a remarkable DIY course with headline tours and a few notable early releases, they have been able to pave a rather fascinating path for the unveiling of their debut album.

100% are Chloe Blackwood (Cannon), Grace Stevenson (Rebel Yell) and Lena Molnar (Bloodletter).

ABANDON arrives paired to a video created by Charlie Hillhouse, starring Rachael Archibald.

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