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Cola, the fresh project from former Ought members Tim Darcy and Ben Stidworthy and US Girls/The Weather Station drummer Evan Cartwright, unveil Degree, another part of their much anticipated new album, Deep In View, which will be out in its entirety on May 20th, 2022 through Fire Talk Records.

The band's members comment on the new single.

First, Tim Darcy says: "The character in Degree is cycling in and out of these dreamscape states (movie theater, meditation, etc) and then trying to catch up to something in their day to day life. I picture what it feels like running to catch the bus when you're in a daze and suddenly have to sprint."

Ben Stidworthy adds: "Degree is based on a 2-step kinda track I produced while trying to do the fabled and well-trodden path of using guitars in electronic music. I came up with this psych-drenched outro that I really enjoyed so I decided to base a song around that chord progression."

Finally, Evan Cartwright remarks: "I wanted the beat to feel like the opening and closing of a mechanical valve. The guitar riff supplies this relentless propulsion and I thought that the drums should act as a stiff regulator: aggressively blocking, then releasing the heavy flow that comes pouring out of the guitar."

Degree comes with an abstract, modern psychedelic video directed by Spanish animation studio Rapapawn.

Photp courtesy of Fire Talk Records


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