D E A T H B A G: Spell

D E A T H B A G is the outfit helmed by Washington, DC-based musician DeeDee Moongel, covering a wide spectrum of dark musical influences, including dark garage rock, post punk, deathrock, and gothic rock.

Lead single, Spell, is described by the artist as "a psychedelic inspired death-rock groove with lyrics influenced by The Egyptian Book of the Dead."

The song is from the forthcoming album DEATH BAG, which was written in the winter of 2021 via email collaborations and is made up of songs written and recorded in DeeDee's bedroom. The recordings were then further developed by his bandmate Dom Billett's gritty drumming, mixing, and production from his home studio in Nashville.

D E A T H B A G explores themes of cult devotion, alienation, and the impending mortality of existence. A trilogy of singles have already delineated the project's musical and conceptual individuality.

Spell comes with an accordingly dark psychedelic video developed by D E A T H B A G and TJ Crymes.

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