One of the brightest hopefuls in contemporary metal and post hardcore, Birmingham, UK band, CREATURE, return with a new track ahead of their upcoming EP, HAUNT, this time blending their extreme metal intensity with sensibilities which convey that the band is undoubtedly fit for larger audiences.

All is a politically driven and very hefty new song, standing out with its metallic riffs and all around punk rock flair, as something direct and punchy. The song addresses inequality, war, and human frailty.

Vocalist and guitarist James Thompson comments: “The state of inequality in the world inspired me to write All. We were more than a decade into austerity in the UK at the time of my writing it, and yet the Government was still spending ridiculous sums on War and conflict. It’s taken something as serious as an ongoing pandemic for us to see how fragile a society we truly are."

Thompson continues: "I’m angry, but the message of the song is a positive one. We are all in this together. We all have value to add to this planet, we can prosper if we organise and help each other. This is very much how we see CREATURE as a band, it’s not about us and them with our fans - we are all part of the movement. This is an important ethic to us. There is no divide.” 

HAUNT will be out in its entirety on June 10th, 2022.

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