Pinemoon: Dead End Street

The release of Pinemoon's new EP, Ghost Light, comes together with the unveiling of one more video for a highlight track, the vibrant Dead End Street, an expression of the more hopeful facet of the band's songwriting and sound. 

The existential character of the band's topics is still prominent, and Pinemoon maintain a highly atmospheric and nostalgic tone. Since the entirety of Ghost Light was recorded live in the studio and mixed analog, Pinemoon's new material retains a high degree of realism and genuineness.

The EP's concept revolves around the sense of bewilderment and letdown that occurs when a definite opinion and rooted perspective collides with the reality of life, and Dead End Street is a manifestation of a more positive side which counterbalances the frustration.

Ghost Light is out on the German record label LIVE TALENT Records.

Photo by Michelle Berg

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