Taleen Kali: Flower Of Life

Los Angeles native, Taleen Kali, constructs lyrical and emotional punk songs enveloped in phases of shoegaze, psychedelia and riot grrrl rock, generating a multidimensional sound that's classy and uncompromising at the same time. Kali combines music and visuals from her Armenian background and her parents' birthplaces of Lebanon and Ethiopia, always with an underground/alternative twist.

Kali and her band entered The Cave Studios in the winter of 2022 to record the debut album, Flower Of Life, with producers Jeff Schroeder of Smashing Pumpkins and Josiah Mazzaschi (Bizou, Light FM). After leaving their record company in 2020, this will be the band's first attempt into publishing a full-length album entirely independently.

The title track and lead single is a vibrant rock 'n' roll number which doesn't makes the most out of its two-plus-minute directness. 

Kali comments on the new song's spirit: “Flower Of Life is about coming back to life after the trials and tribulations of the Trump administration, Me Too movement, BLM, and the pandemic. I wrote this song for us to rage to, dance to, scream to. Now that it’s safe to be together again, we can let it all out. This song has about 10 guitars packed into 2 minutes, which is twice the amount of guitars we’ve ever put on a recording. It’s our battle-cry of making it through to the other side. Flower Of Life is also what I’m naming the album.

Flower Of Life is the first sample from the album of the same name which has also launched its Kickstarter campaign.

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