Savage Republic: Stingray

Post punk greats, Savage Republic, return with their album, Meteora, arriving May 20th, 2022, introduced with the instrumental dynamite, Stingray, and its accompanying video. The band makes its eastern inspirations readily obvious once more, while demonstrating that the passion which gained them so many praises in their early years is still intact.

Meteora was self-recorded in a hidden location, and its combination of tribal soundscapes, political lyrics, and Morricone-esque surf rock instrumentals leads to a distinctive atmosphere which is both eerie and enchanting.

Savage Republic's longest-running lineup consists of Thom Fuhmann, Ethan Port, Kerry Dowling, and Alan Waddington, who have channeled the intensity of their renowned live shows into something entirely of their own. The band's current lineup has delivered the full length albums Varvakios (2012) and Aegean (2014), as well as the singles 1938/Taranto (2009), God and Guns/Tranquilo (2018), and 1938/Siam (2019).

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