Pumf Records: Parsnips Under My Feet

Parsnips Under My Feet is a collection of six acts and fourteen songs drawn from seven different Pumf Records releases between 1986 and 1998. All of the tracks on this record include the unconventional musician pStan Batcow as a member of each of the bands assembled. All of the songs on this compilation were also written and recorded by pStan.

An accomplishment of lo-fi musicianship, oddness, and punk ethos, the compilation has an expected cohesion on the whole, as all songs were penned from the same creative mind, but there are distinguishable character traits in each of the different acts which differentiate themselves from one another, such as The Def-A-Kators' more clear and simple punk melodicism, Howl In The Typewriter's psych approach, and the rawness of BILE!, Troll and Gravelin which pStan considers to be different monikers for the same 'band'.
Every song on the album is original and intriguing, and everything exemplifies a genuine DIY spirit which has been embraced by many musicians since the time of those songs' initial conception, particularly as bedroom productions have grown in popularity quite significantly.

Unquestionably an unappreciated prodigy in underground post punk, noise rock, and lo-fi pop, pStan Batcow has a curious talent which seems to be independently functioning like an alternative rock jukebox, and he is an undeniably prolific creator.

In his own words: "Way back when, in-between running away from rampaging tyrannosaurus rex and hungry velociraptors (or maybe they’d already extinctioned by then, Year Zero, 1984, and I’m just recollecting memories of strange times), I started a tape label because nobody else wanted to release my music - I knew loads of other people and bands who were in the same situation and reckoned I could release a stack of DAMN. FINE. MUSIC. And, heck, tape labels were Way Cool, Daddio!"

Photo: pStan 1985 (BILE!), courtesy of  Floating Mill Records

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