Coral Collapse: Spirit

Spirit is the latest single by New York-based dreampop act Coral Collapse, and it comes mingling power pop and psychedelic pop qualities, musically leaning toward the band's more uplifting side.

Kevin O'Connor, the band's lead singer, says: "Spirit has the 'quintessential' Coral Collapse sound to it, and was built from the ground up by the band over the course of a few years. We jammed out the instrumental version and I sat with the lyrics for a long time before stumbling on the final version. We've used chorus pedals on songs before, but this is the first time I feel it comes fully across. To me the song reveals some of our deepest shared influences--everything from new wave to psychedelic and classic rock. It shares sonic territory with some of our other tunes but diverges into an interesting drum/guitar freak-out tempered by Gandi's (guitarist) methodical melodicism."

The song is part of the group's new album, Symmetries, scheduled for release on March 19th, 2022 through Admirable Traits Records.

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