Donzii: Rightway Highway

Rightway Highway is the newest single off the forthcoming full length album by Miami post punks, Donzii, and a characteristic piece of the upcoming band's beautiful eccentricity. The song comes with a fun DIY video filmed and edited by Domingo Castillo.

Donzii's lyricism is sharp and the overall tone of Rightway Highway is rather keen. The new song is mainly a bright, funk-based post punk piece which demonstrates the band's savvy and general sharpness, conveying an exciting sound which recalls the No Wave movement, together with a few other instances from post punk history.

Donzii were founded in 2015 by vocalist Jenna Balfe and musician Dennis Fuller, who took their name from an Italian speedboat company. Since then, they've demonstrated unequivocally that they are far from a typical band.

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