Church Girls: Telepathic Mind

Following a very consistent and rising route so far, Philly four-piece Church Girls continue to impress with their brand new single, Telepathic Mind, bringing their indie punk and emo rock combination to the forefront once more.

We all get depressed,” vocalist Mariel Beaumont says of the new release. “I still comically buck against it: waking up early every morning and standing in direct sunlight for twenty minutes because a podcast told me that might help. During this particular bout, I knew I was driving my live-in partner a bit crazy with my silent brooding. I've heard telepathic communication doesn't work so well, but I'm a slow learner.

With the effect of the highly successful full-length, Still Blooms, still fresh, Church Girls confirm that their originality remains strong, and at the same time, the emotionality of their songwriting doesn't cease to astound.

Band photo by Aaron Palmer

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