Whimsical: Quicksand

Quicksand is the second single from Melt, the impending fourth album from shoegazers, Whimsical. With its clearly deviant, more electronic direction, the new track is considered by the band to be an oddity on their record, while at the same time it demonstrates their diversity without straying too far from the dreamy elements of their shoegaze and dreampop foundation.

Whimsical comment: "Quicksand is the 'oddball' on our new album Melt, but it's also the song we are probably most excited about. Sounding mostly electronic, Quicksand is made from our sampled guitars that have been manipulated and repurposed in a new and interesting way. We were able to expand our sonic palette and try new things with what makes up a Whimsical song."

Whimsical appear to be making a go of their second wind since their reunification in 2015, and naturally, their releases are widely awaited in the shoegaze scene.

The band elaborate in their statement about the new single: "Initially we were worried that Quicksand wouldn't fit alongside our other songs, but once we realized that our melodies and Krissy's heartfelt lyrics were in place, we knew that we had created something special and any concerns we had faded away. We've been waiting a long time for people to finally hear Quicksand and we hope they are as excited about it as we are. Lyrically this one is about the feeling of being stuck in a toxic situation while desperately wanting to pull yourself out of what feels like unrelenting quicksand. As it continues to pull you under and keep you in the same place, you feel suffocated and unable to breathe because of the emotional weight of it all."

Melt comes out on April 1st, 2022 through Shelflife Records (USA) and Through Love Records (Europe).

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