Design Flaw: Andromeda

While keeping the expressive characteristics of their sound present and intensified, rising band, Design Flaw, deliver their new single, Andromeda, which seems like their heaviest offering to date, both sonically and in respect to its sentimental weight.

Andromeda enters post-metal and extreme metal regions while comfortably retaining its accessibility. Once again, the fresh band puts up a fantastic performance which feels both genuine and dynamic.

Design Flaw unfold: "Andromeda is a post-apocalyptic love song. We wrote it in 2020 at the height of the pandemic; like most people, we were stuck at home with our partners or family, desperately trying to make sense of things. Desperately trying to find a balance between hope, fear, and disillusionment. Sometimes, you need to see things through someone else’s eyes when things are bleak. Their love for the world — or their love for you — can be the remedy that makes you whole again. If you are lucky enough to have that connection with someone, hold on to it at all costs."

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