Tooms: Bit Part

Composed of Dorian Noval (Jazmine Mary, Natural Glow, Exit Fear) and Nich Cunningham (The Moonlight, Lost Rockets), Tāmaki Makaurau-based duo, Tooms, have just released their full-length album, Fake Teeth, via 1:12 Records, and introduced it through the lead single Bit Part.

The band provides a fresh brand of punk centered on quirky vocals, distorted bass, and powerful drumming, and they've shared stages with A-list acts like Sleaford Mods, Divide & Dissolve, Street Chant, and The D4 among others.

Bit Part is a nervy and edgy cut which illustrates the unpredictability of the lively duo though its animation and acute lyrical direction. 

Vocalist Nich comments on the new album: "Rather than simply documenting a live performance, Fake Teeth instead intends to subtly extend our sound and best represent our relentlessly bleak worldview.

"Some people are really good at channeling their musical ideas into a coherent style. Tooms isn't like that. Tooms isn't that deliberate. Tooms is ugly bile bubbling up from the subconscious."

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