Dusk Lurker: Sanctity In Apathy

Mindful of the world's tragic recent events, the new, debut video by British blackened metal band, Dusk Lurker, Sanctity In Apathy, comes hauntingly relevant to the darkness entailed in current times. The song is part of the band's 2021 EP, Whispers From The Blood Moon.

Evoking the grandeur of the second wave of Norwegian black metal, Dusk Lurker's sound is deeply melancholic, immensely heavy and dramatic, and obviously expertly crafted.

The band comment on the new video: "It's a melodic and melancholic, yet anger fueled track about the disparity between the rich and poor. In the newly released music video; we opted to use harrowing war footage to illustrate the message, however the lyrics can be interpreted in a variety of ways. It's raw, emotional, yet ultimately catchy. We also believe it's very poignant and relatable in light of current events."

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