No Swoon: Wait To See

Wait to See is the third song released from the upcoming second full length, Take Your Time, by rising dreampop duo, No Swoon. Mixed by Chris Coady (Beach House, Yeah Yeah Yeahs). The album comes out in its entirety on April 8th, 2022.

"This song is about growing up," the band unveil. "We’re talking to our younger selves who had very specific dreams and ideas of how our lives would pan out. But as we all know, the hopes and dreams we had at 15 are usually not our realities when we grow up. We could look back and be upset that we didn’t become who we had hoped to be, or we could relish the new ideas and new dreams, and be OK with where we are. This song is about how looking back now, you can see the path that led to where we are now and how we wish we could tell our younger selves to be kind to who we will grow up to be."

Tasha Abott's soft vocals linger over the soft, synth-laden instrumentals, creating a beautiful and mellow listen. The song is accompanied with a simple yet appealing lyric video which the band shot, directed, and edited.

Photo by Lucy Sandler


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