Hoorsees: Jansport

Jansport is the second single from French band Hoorsees' forthcoming album A Superior Athlete, which will be released on April 22nd, 2022 via the esteemed New York label Kanine Records.

Between the lightness of lo-fi slacker rock from the nineties and the melodiousness of shoegaze pop, the new single makes use of the band's American influences, and emerges rich in pop culture references. Hoorsees define themselves as a band "getting inspired by high school nerds who suck at sport," and with Jansport they seem to embody the sound and character of their work, while the song comes with a very nicely created video of parallel conceptualization.

A Superior Athlete was penned across a two-week period in the south of France, when Hoorsees left the city and headed to the deserted mountain top house of singer Alex Delamard's grandmother.

Photo by Lucas Martin

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