Low Hummer: Talk Shows

As Low Hummer naturally expand their act beyond the borders of the UK and become an official SXSW artist, they are also releasing their mesmerizing new track Talk Shows, their first new music since the release of their acclaimed first album Modern Tricks For Living.

"I tried to use the verses of Talk Shows as a retrospective warning to myself," says guitarist and vocalist, Dan Mawer. "For anytime I feel like spending time with people who aren’t good for me, anytime I feel like drinking is my only option, anytime I suffer body dysmorphia or anytime I feel like sharing my problems with the wrong people."

Talk Shows sees Low Hummer teaming once more with Leeds producer Matt Peel. The song fuses an indie rock groundwork with post punk synthesizers, edgy guitars and the band's penchant for accessible melodies, always with sharp and sarcastic nuances.

Mawer continues: "Aimee brought the verses to life in a really constructive way thanks to her unique phrasing and it’s quickly become a favourite of ours to play live. The song was brought together by the entire band as the process of writing becomes a collaborative effort before we reach the studio!"

Band photo courtesy of Dance To The Radio

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