3 Electro Knights: I Move In Another Dimension

3 Electro Knights return with their new limited edition cassette, Sketches For Another Future, following their very rare seven-inch single, I Move in Another Dimension. The trio composed of Daren Pickles, Nik Clifford and Ross Holloway describe their sound as "science fiction music for the 21st century."

Sketches For Another Future is a seven-song set which includes the project's aforementioned single as well as the track Song For Andy Weatherall, recorded live on the day of Andrew Weatherall's passing. The album displays the band in a rather pure and genuine form, all intriguingly imperfect, with an experimental disposition and a live recording approach.

Through krautrock, psychedelic, synthpunk, and modern electronica passages, 3 Electro Knights fully realize their analog electronic sound, exposing their warm connection with their synths.

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