Idol of Fear: Tresspasser

After setting a high standard with their previous two full-lengths, All Sights Affixed, Ablaze from 2014 and Grave Aperture from 2018, Canadian band Idol of Fear return with their third album, Tresspasser, and they don't disappoint.

Trespasser is a gripping album with the band's prowess all over its technical components; a glum blend of immersive black metal and intricate doom which can be comfortable placed alongside post metal's finest contemporaries, published on the band's own label Somnolence Productions.

Highlights such as Cheirotonia, Angel Dust, and Alone With You are evocative of the detail, hypnotism, and sorrowfulness communicated by the band's compositions, and become cornerstones of a fully fleshed and coherent work that comes across as stately and grandiose while being persistently harsh, creatively vulgar, and all around severe.

Despite the density, the gravity and exceptional quality of their three full length albums thus far, Idol of Fear have remained a well kept secret in the metal underground, without breaking through to wider audiences. Their combination of powerful vocals, frantic melodiousness, and excellent production is undeniably deserving of further recognition, while their latest album is a strong indication of their evolution as a band.

From Ontario, Canada, Idol of Fear are Dave Bach, Austin Myers, Kalei Reid and Doug Belcourt.

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