Body Horror: Cull The Culture

Cull The Culture is the second single from North London-based tough to define act, Body Horror, following on from their first appearance with The Gimp's Gimp in 2021. The song comes with a cinematic, dark and violent video, directed by Kyle McCarthy and Reuben Davies Lindley, starring Dave Harris.

Body Horror force their way with an acute fusion of noise rock and post punk, bringing their edginess and brashness to the forefront, as inescapable references to The Birthday Party, The Pop Group, or Big Black arise, but also present is a sense of experimentation and avant garde intensity which the upcoming act clearly owns. 

Body Horror have something very exciting to contribute, as they seem more than prepared to push limits and examine the darker issues that lie deep in today's society.

Cull The Culture is out on Hideous Mink Records.

Photo by Galen Bullivant


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