Plattenbau: Tomahawk

Plattenbau release their highly anticipated new album, Shape / Shifting, and mark the occasion by bringing out a new video for the album's closing track, Tomahawk, a menacing, slow-paced electronic piece with a distinct personality.

Tomahawk is an attempt to describe the chaotic culmination of meta, mundane and just pure mental which defines being a human in the 21st century,” says Plattenbau’s Lewis Lloyd.

Coming with a nihilistic flair, the music video finds Lloyd’s character in full on ominous mode, suggesting that something terrifying might happen "if we choose not to like, share or subscribe to a metaverse in collapse."

Tomahawk is a raucous, relentless, and all-around fitting conclusion to a multifaceted album of remarkable mood and complexity.

Shape / Shifting is out on Dedstrange.

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