The Applicators: Sound of Cars

Pop punk greats, The Applicators, return after a seven-year hiatus with new single, Sound of Cars, harking back to their pop influences from the eighties and nineties. The Texan girl gang punk rockers have been one of the best lesser-celebrated acts in contemporary punk since their 2001 debut album, What's Your Excuse, which was produced by Bad Religion guitarist Greg Hetson. More than two decades later, after four albums and an EP, The Applicators resurface making evident that their vitality is still whole.

On their new track the band worked together with long-time collaborator/producer Frenchie Smith who helped them achieve an impeccable union of melody and fiery punk rock energy.

I came up with the lyrics of sound of cars in a dream,” says vocalist Sabrina Applicator. “To me it’s a song about being high up on a rooftop looking down at yourself and just respecting the journey no matter how messy it is.

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