Lotus Thrones: Ghost Forest

Lotus Thrones explores post punk and extreme metal in a nonpareil manner for today's terms. Only a few months after the splendid full length, Lovers in Wartime, the Philadelphia-based artist returns with the four track EP, Autumnal, another very fine specimen of unreserved genre mixture, solemnity and unease.

Once again, Lotus Thrones' Heath Rave collaborates with Chariot of Black Moth on a stately visual. The eight-minute eminence of Ghost Forest distresses and moves to the maximum extent.

"The song is about facing nature, specifically the ocean and how we also take it for granted and destroy everything around us," Lotus Thrones comments. "As the sea levels rise from climate change and more and more frequent superstorms ravage the coastlines, the saltwater literally drowns the coastal forests, turning them white. Chariot of Black Moth took all of these images and emotions and distilled them into these gorgeous 8 minutes of fighting the ocean then ultimately drowning, really capturing the feel of the suffocating ebb and flow of the composition. I get chills every time I watch it through to the end."

Autumnal EP is out on Disorder Recordings.

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