Keening: Erase

Dark post punk band Keening is composed of Marc Atkinson (The Raudive), Brandon Jacobs (Neils Children) and producer James Aparicio (Spiritualized, Nick Cave). Erase comes from the band's three-track release of the same name, ahead of their upcoming EP, The Yellow Portal, out through Icy Cold Records.

Classic darkwave and coldwave sounds in the vein of genre standards Modern Eon, Joy Division and The Cure meet with a broader shoegaze approach and gothic rock properties, sparking off something impossible not to be commended by all classes of dark listenership. Erase is unrestrictedly denotative of Keening's dark musical direction.

The EP bases its themes and lyrics on Atkinson’s work in suicide prevention during lockdown, as well as mental health and madness at large. Even the title, The Yellow Portal, has its special significance, as the band elaborate: "The title The Yellow Portal is a symbolic reference. Colour psychology acknowledges the colour yellow's relationship with sickness, mental illness and even excess. In literature, yellow also reminds us of Charlotte Perkins' The Yellow Wallpaper, which relates a fictionalised account of a descent into madness. A similar symbolic use can perhaps be found in Robert W Chambers' The King in Yellow, a cursed text that drives those who read it to madness."

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