Public Body: Hard To Concentrate

Brighton post punk act, Public Body, return with new single, Hard To Concentrate, their second offering ahead of upcoming EP, Flavour Of Labour, expected out on March 3rd, 2022.

Another sharp cut, suggestive of the band's tongue in cheek perspective and perfect production courtesy of their guitarist Theo Verney (also known for his production work for Lazarus Kane, FEET, English Teacher, FUR, Home Counties), the new track radiates energy and openness.

Public Body's Seb Gilmore comments on the new track: "This song was written back when I was in my old job which was in an open plan office. The canteen was on the top floor and also had a balcony that I'd sit on to eat lunch. I’d always end up eating too much - I'm an emotional eater - and then subsequently suffer a carb crash while sitting at the computer doing the most repetitive job, trying to not fall asleep. I miss it to be honest, the balcony, not the job. This is actually one of the first songs I ever wrote but it ended up changing a bit once Theo and Tom joined the band and added some guitar and synth lines which gave it a new lease of life, so we decided to record it for this release."

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