A Lake Of Ayes: Preserve

Emergent in the underground scene of North West of England, post metal band, A Lake Of Ayes, lift influence from genre veterans such as Russian Circles, God is an Astronaut, Isis and Bossk to come up with their own galvanized take on extreme heavy rock.

Their five-track album, Ouro Sobre Azul (which translates to 'Gold Over Blue' from Portuguese) presents the band's aim for an emotive, intense and hard hitting sound, with large instrumental parts, affecting, brutal vocals, and song structures which come across fairly intricate, yet, exciting, and not tough to take in.

The entire release finds A Lake Of Ayes maneuvering the impact of their influences, without succumbing to triteness, instead, each track contributes to the buildup of a very engaging total.

A Lake Of Ayes are Slav (guitar), Si (drums, ex-Alter Eden), Lewis (bass, ex-Dead Sea Apes) and Dom (guitar). Ouro Sobre Azul is out through Ripcord Records.

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