The Darling Fire: Reclamation

Undoubtedly, Fugazi were one of the most important acts in underground music, with their unique juxtaposition of punk, noise rock and hardcore becoming a major point of inspiration for countless younger act, and the their influence over the years defying genres and confines. 

Approved by Ian MacKaye of Fugazi and Dischord Records, the new tribute compilation, Silence Is A Dangerous Sound: A Tribute To Fugazi, includes 43 acts spanning all subgenres of punk, alternative rock and beyond. All these artists offer their own renditions of songs originally by the legendary punks, attesting to the agelessness of Fugazi's contribution to the underground's rich history.

South Florida rockers The Darling Fire (featuring members of Dashboard Confessional and Shai Hulud among others), try their hand at Reclamation, a track originally from 1991's Steady Diet of Nothing, and the result is something rather active and regardful of Fugazi's spirit and genuineness. 

Silence Is A Dangerous Sound: A Tribute To Fugazi is out digitally and as a double CD on a one-time limited run of 500, through Ripcord Records. All profits are going to the Tribe Animal Sanctuary in Scotland.

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